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Hosting The Big Draw

Drawing has been a life-long passion of mine. It’s a passion which I love to share and teach to others, so when I found out I could get involved in my community through art, I took the chance. I haven’t stopped either since I began. Within the last year, there has been a call for a local art club in Barkingside, and I filled that gap by creating Barkingside Art Club which promotes collaboration and inclusion. I decided that celebrating The Big Draw festival through Barkingside Art Club would be an amazing opportunity.

The Big Draw festival has been a yearly tradition for me, so this October I took the chance to promote inclusion and art culture in my community by hosting the festival at Fullwell Cross Library.

The event had an amazing turn-out and I was surprised to see how many people benefited from the experience. We had people from all types of backgrounds, an art exhibition, business sponsors and an art stall. I was very happy to launch our first group exhibition for Barkingside Art Club. There has been a great demand for this in our community for quite a while. We brought together a great mix of artists and who used different mediums. I’m definitely going to host more exhibitions for the future, but for now, be sure to take a look at the amazing work we’re showcasing.

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