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About Eliyah Qureshi's Work As  A Creative Director

Eliyah Qureshi is a creative director, artist and workshop organiser with years’ of experience in coordinating workshops for artists of all ages and abilities. She specialises in curating exhibition and workshop programmes that promote inclusion, while also working in partnership with different cultural and charitable organisations across the Borough of Redbridge.

In 2004 Eliyah established DreamMX, a graphic design and website development venture that offered professional web design and brand growth to a range of specialised clients. Her graphic design background allowed Eliyah to communicate professionally across all digital platforms, delivering her cultural and artistic vision with exact precision.

Since then, Eliyah founded Barkingside Art Club (BAC) and has been creating diverse workshops and projects that benefit both the SEN community and wider Redbridge public. She has established a refined programme that supports individuals of all creative interests, establishing a space where children can create and adults gain a better understanding in regards to artistic innovation. Her ‘SEN Friday’s’ workshop offers an hour to SEN children from local schools to create, learn and share ideas – this hour is entirely free of charge.


Through BAC, Eliyah has led many different community-based projects, focussing on supporting individuals who are underrepresented in society and most likely to experience social exclusion.

Her projects span across many seasonal occasions and socially relevant days of the year, creating precious events that have become firmly grounded in the community calendar.

During 2020, Eliyah will be launching her CIC that will sponsor all Barkingside Art Club activities, called AFORA. This company will operate as the face for all sponsorship and partner relations, establishing relationships with local businesses to deliver increasingly expansive projects. She is looking to develop on the platform that Barkingside Art Club has built by making Afora the main channel for interested cultural organisations to understand Eliyah and her creative direction better. Afora will be launching later this year, and our team are very excited to celebrate the occasion.

Over 2020, Eliyah is looking to hear from artists and creative networks, companies, organisations and venues who are interested in collaborating in Redbridge and beyond. Ultimately, she would like to work with those who also aspire to collaborate, support and better understanding the social and cultural enrichment that artistic practices promote.

Please visit my sites for more information:

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Dream MX

Barkingside Art Club

AFORA CIC  coming soon

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