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Let's work together.

I'm available for commissions, art workshops and collaborations.

If you'd like to work with me on a project, I would love to hear from you.

Interested in purchasing an original artwork or a print? talk to me!

Hit me up:

All the best,

Eliyah Qureshi

+44 7889829218



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Projects and Collaborations

Qureshi is passionate about collaborating with artists and organisations both locally and internationally. As well as organising and conducting inclusive art workshops with BAC she is constantly looking for new creative opportunities. 

I always prefer to work in the studio. I

Studio Life

In her busy schedule as an independent artist, designer, director, an active member of my community, and a mother of two, Qureshi's home studio is an equilibrium of work and family. Her urge to create is fuelled by the smallest details of everyday life.


Etsy Shop

Qureshi treats her artwork as meditations which become stronger as they become part of others’ lives, giving them the inspiration to find their own method of healing. You can find her work available for purchase from more recent series 'In Search of Gold' as well as work from her studio clearance sale

Current Project

Portraits & Stories

I have been working on a portrait and story project. Through this project, I am seeking out inspirational creatives, and community members share their stories with other members’ of our community. I want to spread inclusivity and highlight the diversity of the borough creatively, showing the similarities and differences that define each lifestyle and cultural background. I will illustrate a portrait of each participating creative to parallel their story. Due to current circumstances, the project will feature on social media platforms.

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